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Cool 7 Tank

Cool 7 Tank

Fat Katz Inc. introduces its new bagger tank called Cool 7. It is a truly unique design for a bagger. The Cool 7 has a high arch on the bottom that follows the rocker boxes perfectly. The cool integrated hand formed dash houses the center fill pop up gas cap and adds another dimension to the shape of the tank. The Cool 7 is 25 ½” long and 19” wide. The Cool 7 is available for both carb and EFI models. The EFI models will include a new fuel mounted pump in the bottom which allows the tank a smooth top. The Cool 7 has a 7 gallon capacity!
Fuel Injected Bikes $1,795
Carburated Bikes $1,350

Cool 7 Tank Cool 7 Tank

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Cool 7 Tank Cool 7 Tank Mounted
Trendsetters Tank

Trendsetterz Tank

Trendsetterz Specs:
For Pro Street and Chopper
Length: 25"
Width: 12" to 15"
Stamped from 16 gauge cold rolled steel

Pop-up gas cap
Recessed bottom mounts
Hidden crossover
Hidden vent
Complete mounting kit

Standard mounts (not hidden),
regular filler neck

Trendsetters TankTrendsetters Tank
Trendsetters Tank
Troubadour Tank

Troubadour Tank

Fat Katz is proud to announce the purchase of the Troubadour gas tank tooling from Independent Gas Tank Company. You will now be able to purchase Troubadour gas tanks in various widths and lengths from Fat Katz. The Troubadour is built for straight or radiused backboned frames, and will join the popular Trendsetter series of Fat Katz tanks and will be available starting at $895.00.