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We are excited to start 2013 with a bang - by launching our new site. Thanks for your continued support -We look forward to working together. Tank and fender building is an art - we hope you'll find what you're looking for here. If not, contact us and we'll make it happen. Don and his metal artists are the best in the business. Many of our products have been featured by bike builders across America (see our Gallery).

Product Spotlight

Fat Katz Inc. is proud to introduce the new Laredo Classic FLC 106 for the 26” tire. We also have them available for the 23" tire. We will have the 30" ready soon. 
The Laredo Classic is a 13 gauge STEEL bagger fender that has a round with the Classic Harley tail. The FLC 106 comes standard with chrome billet spacers and predrilled holes. These are made and assembled in the USA!




Cool 7 Tank
Fat Katz Inc. introduces its new bagger tank called Cool 7. It is a truly unique design for a bagger. The Cool 7 has a high arch on the bottom that follows the rocker boxes perfectly. The cool integrated hand formed dash houses the center fill pop up gas cap and adds another dimension to the shape of the tank. The Cool 7 is 25 ½” long and 19” wide. The Cool 7 is available for both carb and EFI models. The EFI models will include a new fuel mounted pump in the bottom which allows the tank a smooth top. The Cool 7 has a 7 gallon capacity! See Bagger Parts


New Products

F106 Laredo Fits 26

Laredo Bagger Fender
Fat Katz Inc. is introducing its new Laredo 26” STEEL front fender. The Laredo is made of 13 gage cold rolled steel. It is a full wrap 180 degree fender that is made just for the 26” tire. Fat Katz is known for its quality and fit and the Laredo is no different. We will have two models, one for customs (F106) and one for baggers (FL106). The FL 106 will include chrome billet spacers, predrilled holes and mounting hardware. The F106 for customs will not have the mounting holes or hardware. See Bagger Parts

FL-107 30 Inch
FL-107 30 Inch

FL-107 30 Inch

TOMBSTONE FL-107 30 Inch

FL-107 wrap-around fender for 30" wheel, pre-drilled and include chrome spacers and hardware.

TOMBSTONE F-107 30 Inch

F-107 wrap-around fender for 30" wheel.